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Life Changing Community Outreach

Program Session Dates

Session One 10/19/20-12/18/2020

Session Two 1/4/2021-2/26/2021

Session Three 3/1/2021-4/23/2021

Session Four 4/26/2021-6/18/2021

 Program Hours


A great place to learn... A great place to be!

Come join us for 34 Weeks of fun, learning, and exploring new things. Students will explore life through weekly clubs that are geared to promote confidence, positive behaviors, and enrichment. After school program is broken into four 8 week sessions where students will choose new clubs or start a new session with the same club. ultimately, our goal is to expose the students to new and exciting adventures and watch each child develop his/her creative side.

Drama Club



Drama club promotes confidence all while enhancing their communication skills. During each 8-week session students will study stage production, play production and script writing. 8 weeks end with a  special production for students to show off their acting abilities.

Super Hero club


K-4th                  5th-8th

Let's talk super heroes and Villain's! Students will become his/her favorite super hero and fight the evil  villain. While in Hero mode, students will speak on topics effecting todays youth like bullying, conflict, friendship, trust, self awareness and more. Students will go in depth on these topic to explore who they really are and who they want to be. 

Art Club


K-3rd                 4th-8th

Have you ever wondered how an artist can create a work of art? or what colors will contrast with each other? Art club will put an end to your curiosity. Our young Artist will explore different art forms and styles. They will develop techniques and learn artistry terminology. Students will work on individual projects and learn how to calibrate with others for group projects.  

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Cooking Club



Let's get cooking!

Students will spend 8-weeks learning their way around the kitchen. They will learn the basics of peeling, dicing and slicing. Students will learn safety tips that they can use at home and in life. These junior chefs of the westside will travel the world through various cuisines from different cultures.

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Dance with Expressions



Dance with Expressions is for students who loves to dance! Students will gain exposure to different dances styles like, Jazz, Hip Hop, contemporary and praise. They will see how space, time, body, action, and energy are all elements of dance. The program end with a final presentation of the work that students created.

Tech Wizards



Tech Wizards is for students who is interested in computer. Over the course of the program, students will enter the universe of computers. They will learn about graphic design, animation and basic functions of computers. Students will learn to speak the language of computers through coding and computer programming.

Homeworker Helpers

Tuesdays and Thursdays

All grades

Homework Helpers gives students the assistance and structure they need to complete assignments. Students can work in groups or one on one with our youth workers to improve grades at school or getting help on a big project that is coming up. Homework helpers are a safe space where students can enhance their study skills without any interruptions.

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Fit(ness) into the Trend


All grades

What's trending now? FITNESS!

Fit(ness) into the trend is all about promoting healthy lifestyles for kids. Each week students will explore various physical workouts that will get the blood pumping and adrenaline going. students will learn meditation techniques and breathing exercises that will erase the stress of school and homework.

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