Life Changing Community Outreach

Every great achievement is inspired by a great mentor

-Lailah Gifty Akita

Mentoring Program

Sept 14, 2020- June 5,  2021

Ages 9-12 and 13-17

Every Saturday 11am-3pm

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Program Hours:




Life Changing Community Outreach is dedicated to establishing and sustaining, successful mentoring relationships between youth ages 9-17 and adult mentors who are encouraging, inspirational, and can develop the future leaders of tomorrow. 

For 34 weeks youth will participate in various outings, activities, one on ones with a mentor that has been carefully selected for each youth and rap sessions that will help instill positivity, hope, and self-esteem into the boys and girls of the community. 


This mentoring program targets girls and young ladies ages 9-17. The girl's self-worth program is designed to teach and empower positive attitudes about themselves. They will learn how to overcome the fear of self-love and trusting their feelings. These young ladies will build self-confidence and ultimately, adopt a positive self-image. They will learn that they are worth more, as such they will begin to have higher standards, High standards in school, life, and love. This program will touch on sensitive topics such as, bullying, self-doubt, abuse, Violence, sex, and more. The program will conclude with a banquet and an awards ceremony for each young lady.



The Boys to Men program teaches young men how to truly become men. Young men will learn what responsibility, accountability, and respectability is. They will learn how to cope with life's challenges by building an honorable character and positive affirmation. This program will go into depths about topics such as, gang activity, community violence, social media awareness, continuing education, and more. The program will conclude with a banquet and an awards ceremony for each young man.