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Life Changing Community Outreach


Ezekiel 37: 1-10

"Can these dry bones live?"  


    In 2013, Life Changing Community Outreach Started with a vision from God. A vision to See the Austin Community located  on the west-side of Chicago, be GREAT! Our Founder, Yvette Mckinnie, wanted to "Provide A Quality Of Life" on the west-side.   


 Life Changing Community Outreach Board members were named and put into place. 



   In 2014, The Vision became a reality! It is time to change our community by changing lives.

     The first program of Life Changing Community Outreach was created, " Let's talk", a girls and boys mentoring program. would gather every Saturday in the home of the founder.

     Over the course of the year, LCCO gave it's first Christmas party to the children of the community, who's parents were incarcerated.







        In 2015, Life Changing Community Outreach Had it's first youth Summit that consisted of over 50 children in the Lawndale and Austin Communities.


       In 2016, More programs began to form to reach and target more than the Youth. The women's Mentoring Program launched and soon to follow was the first Women's Conference was held with one of our partners, The Mildred Franks Foundation.


       In 2017, Yvette continued to see a rapid increase in the homeless population on the west side. Yvette gathered the youth of LCCO every Saturday and together they set out to feed the homeless and provide a few essential items for them.


        In 2018, God Said That it was time!

Yvette heard God say, " Take it to the streets" Life changing Community Outreach rented its first space to continue to run programs and conduct outreach Ministry in the communities.  


     In 2019, A second space was available next to Life Changing Community outreach. The landlord gave LCCO the choice to rent the second space, as long as we are able to maintain the rent for both storefronts. He had given Life Changing 30 days to make a decision. Yvette Knew that we needed the second space because of the need to expand. so with prayer and trusting God and donors, Life Changing Community outreach made the decision to take the second rental space.

     With a bigger space, Life Changing Community Outreach was able to partner with Chicago Public School's Safe Haven and become a Safe Haven Site For Spring Break of 2019.

Yvette has worked with youth and adults over 30 years in the following areas:

  • Youth Violence Prevention
  • Gang Prevention
  • Teen Pregnancy Support
  • Girls Self-Worth Session
  • Rap Session
  • Mentoring
  • Job Readiness
  • Resources for Food, Shelter and clothing
  • Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team Building

Yvette Mckinnie


 Yvette L. McKinnie resides in the Austin Community where she has lived for 45 years. She has witnessed a rapid and steady increase in despair and hopelessness within The Austin Community over the past several years. She felt that something had to be done to help stem the downward spiral.

When she envisions the change of this area, she always refers to  Ezekiel 37:1-10. "Can These Dry Bones Live ?" And the answer is a resounding Yes!

Her affiliation's with the following associations and agencies have inspired and given her a heart felt passion and unique view, insight and prospective into some of the many issues plaguing the Austin and surrounding areas and the various needs:

Employee of the Cook County Sheriff Dept. for 27 years.
A member of Prison Fellowship Ministry for over 26 years
Overseer of transition Disconnected Youth for 19 years
Youth Pastor for 4 years.