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Life Changing Community Outreach

Seniors on the Move

Don't act your age...Embrace your life. 

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Support Group

Mondays 11am-1pm

Are you looking for someone to listen to you?  Do you want to share your story with others?  Maybe your looking for words of encouragement. Regardless of the reason, Life Changing Community Outreach, Seniors on the move is right for you! This support group is for all seniors. If you are looking for emotional or spiritual support, you can count on these seniors to have your back. We cover topics such as, Grief, depression, religion, medical illness and more. We share coping stories and we listen to each other as well as accepting other seniors experiences to form a bond among others, who might be in a similar circumstance.

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Computer Training

Tuesdays/Fridays 11am-1pm

Bridging the Gap is a intergenerational program where Seniors who are 55 and up, will build and form a positive mentoring relationship with  youth ages 10-18 years old. Our seniors and  youth will see the other side's perspective on life and how to live it. In this program, all judgments  are tossed away as both generations come to teach each other various skills such as, cooking, sewing, technology and what's trending! 

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Weekly Activities

Wednesdays 12pm-2pm

B-I-N-G-O, Arts and crafts, sewing and more! Don't just sit around the house. Come Join our weekly Activity club on Wednesdays. Enjoy a afternoon of mingling with other seniors, learning new skills and enjoying great food... Oh did we forget to mention,  Prizes!!!!!

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Healthy Living

Tuesdays 11am-1pm

It's time to get healthy! Join us on a adventure of self discovery as we transform our minds, bodies and spirits. Healthy living will explore topics on nutrition, bad habits, wellness, exercising and much much more. If you are determined to form a healthier lifestyle, our group will give you the support you need to achieve goal. Be healthy! Be happy! 

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