Life Changing Community Outreach

Spring Break Day Camp

Life-Changing Community Outreach Spring Break camp runs for 5 days, Monday-Friday for ages 5- 14 years of age. During camp, youth will learn to challenge themselves and ultimately, step out of their comfort zones. They will explore various topics such as Self-awareness, Managing Emotions, Bullying, Friendship, Conflict, and more. The youth will learn how to work in teams, improve his/her communication skills, and build a connection with each other to accomplish any given task. They will explore self-expression during writing workshops and enhance their creative capacity through different art forms. During this time of self-discovery, they will see how talented they are.


Ages 5-14 Years 

Camp Includes:




Spring Break t-shirt

Parent drop off 7:40 AM-7:50 AM

Breakfast Service 8:oo AM-8:30 AM

Camp Starts 8:45 AM-4:00 PM 


Team Building 

Indoor Activities

Outdoor Activities


Writing Prompts

Rap Sessions

registration closed until next spring but please visit our other programs